Breaking News: Gündogan Completes Free Transfer to Barcelona

Yes! It has happened! Ilkay Gundogan to Barcelona. The influential midfielder and captain of Manchester City, is set to start on a new journey as he joins Barcelona on a free transfer.

This move brings an end to Manchester City’s hopes of retaining the talented player. Gundogan, 32 years old, played a pivotal role in City’s treble-winning squad, leaving an indelible mark on the team’s success. Notably, he scored twice in the FA Cup final, showcasing his exceptional skills. Barcelona has secured Gundogan’s services for a two-year deal, with an option to extend for another year. His contract with Manchester City was set to expire at the end of this month. Here’s everything you need to know about the transfer move of Ilkay Gundogan to Barcelona.  (If you are interested in betting, then you should learn more about Orbit Exchange or Betting Exchange.)

Ilkay Gundogan to Barcelona Free Transfer

Manchester City acknowledges and respects Gundogan’s decision to join Barcelona, bidding farewell to their captain with gratitude and support. The club made efforts to retain the German midfielder, offering him a new one-year contract, along with the possibility of an additional 12 months. However, Gundogan’s wage demands, coupled with Barcelona’s enticing three-year offer, have led City to accept his departure. Despite losing a key player, Manchester City remains comfortable with their available midfield options.

It’s important to note that Manchester City has a track record of allowing players over 30 to leave when the time is right. Past examples include the departures of Yaya Touré, Sergio Agüero, Fernandinho, and Pablo Zabaleta. By allowing these players to pursue new challenges, the club has maintained a healthy balance and ensured the progress of the team.

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Guardiola’s Perspective and Barcelona’s Interest

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City’s reputable manager, expressed his desire for Ilkay Gundogan to Barcelona not to happen. He wanted Gundogan to stay, emphasizing the club’s efforts to renew his contract. However, he acknowledged Barcelona’s strong interest in the midfielder. Guardiola even revealed that Xavi, Barcelona’s manager, has made numerous calls to Gundogan, expressing the club’s eagerness to have him on board. If the transfer to Barcelona is finalized, Guardiola wishes Gundogan nothing but the best and assures him that he will thrive in his new environment.

What is The Future of City’s Midfield?

While Manchester City boasts strength in depth across all positions, there is a possibility of another key midfielder leaving during the summer transfer window. Bernardo Silva, a talented player whose current contract extends until 2025, has garnered interest from the Saudi Pro League, along with potential links to Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona. City and Guardiola are determined to retain Silva’s services, as they believe he is an integral part of the team’s success.

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Kovacic Joins City

Responding swiftly to Gundogan’s departure, Manchester City has wasted no time in bolstering their midfield options. They have secured the signing of Mateo Kovacic from Chelsea for a transfer fee of £25 million, with an additional £5 million in add-ons. Kovacic’s arrival will bring added depth and versatility to the team, ensuring that Manchester City maintains its competitive edge.

In conclusion, the move of Ilkay Gundogan to Barcelona marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in his career. Manchester City bids farewell to their influential captain, while acknowledging his decision and offering their blessings. As one door closes, another opens, and City remains determined to strengthen their midfield options as they navigate the challenges ahead. With the signing of Mateo Kovacic, they continue their pursuit of excellence and success on both domestic and international fronts.

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