FCS Football Explained – FCS vs FBS

FCS Football: The Football Bowl Subdivision is the top level of college football in the United States. The NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), which used to be called Division I-AA, is the next level up. As of the 2023 season, the FCS Football level, which is run by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), has 128 teams in 14 divisions. Football is the only sport that is part of the FCS. All of a school’s other sports usually compete in NCAA Division I. (If you are interested in knowing about betting, then take a look at what Orbit Exchange or Betting Exchange is.)

FCS Football History

The NCAA did not have a divisional system for its member institutions between the years 1906 and 1955. An upper University Division and a lower College Division were established for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) teams before to the 1956 college football season. In the summer of 1973, the University Division was elevated to Division I. However, by 1976, there was a need to further differentiate the big football teams from those who were less financially successful, while at the same time enabling their other sports to compete at the highest level.

Upper Division I-A and lower Division I-AA were the two divisions that existed within Division I prior to the 1978 baseball season. By the time the 2006 season rolled around, these two divisions had been rebranded as NCAA Division I FBS and NCAA Division I FCS respectively.

What is FCS Football Championship?

Since its formation in 1978, the FCS has had a post-season playoff in order to award a tournament that is sanctioned by the NCAA for the national title. There were just four teams in the playoff bracket in 1978, but by the time the 2020 season rolls around, there will be twenty-four teams. FCS Football is now the highest level of college football, and it is the only level that has a national championship that is sanctioned by the NCAA.

FBS Vs FCS Football

Choosing a college is a big deal for football candidates for a lot of reasons. The FBS and FCS colleges differ in a significant way. 

Participating FBS colleges play their college football at the highest level, the Football Bowl Subdivision. Conversely, the Football Championship Subdivision is where FCS colleges play their games. Both were known as Division I-A and Division I-AA until 2006.

While both private and public schools have excellent football programs, there are a few important distinctions to bear in mind. Schools that are within the FBS category can provide up to 85 scholarships, whilst those in the FCS category can only provide 63. This means that FBS schools are able to field stronger teams and attract better talent. 

Also, if they qualify, FBS schools have to play in a bowl game, whereas FCS Football teams can just play in the playoffs. Do your homework to discover the school that’s ideal for you because every option has its pros and cons.

Size is another key difference between FBS and FCS colleges. In terms of both enrollment and athletic funding, FBS colleges tend to dwarf FCS ones. Thus, FBS schools are in a better position to improve program facilities and award more scholarships. They also have more competitive schedules and coaches with greater expertise.

Football in the FBS and football in the FCS share several commonalities. Both the collegiate and national levels of football are regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which has strict regulations that must be followed. Furthermore, a playoff system is in place to choose a national champion at both the college and professional football levels. 

Why were the different divisions created?

In 1973, the Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA Football was established. A means by which colleges with formidable football programs might compete with one another on a national scale was its stated goal. 

As far as college football goes, the FCS is the NCAA’s second tier. Founded in 1978, its primary goal was to level the playing field so that smaller schools and universities could compete.

There are now two primary college football leagues in the US: the FBS and the FCS Football. They are similar in that they both include recruitment and competitiveness, but they each have their own specific roles to play in college sports.

The NCAA guarantees that every member institution has an equal opportunity to compete for national championships and to attract talent by splitting schools into these two categories. As a result, college football is able to keep its high standards.

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Recruitment in each division

It is critical for coaches to be aware of the distinctions between FBS and FCS recruiting processes since the recruiting process can determine the success or failure of a program’s season. 

Each of the 131 FBS schools is allotted 85 scholarship spots. In most cases, there is fierce rivalry for each recruit. A lot of work and money goes into securing those desired commitments. 

Even though there are 130 schools in the FCS, each school is only eligible for 63 scholarships. They can, however, divide the scholarships up and offer partial scholarships to more players. At this level, there is usually less competition and cost for the recruiting process. 

How do playoffs work for each division of FBS and FCS Football?

A bracket for the playoffs is organized by the FCS Football, and it has a total of 24 teams. As a consequence of winning their conference, eleven schools are automatically granted invitations to participate. Selecting the remaining teams is the responsibility of an all-inclusive selection committee. 

The bottom eight teams in the tournament are given byes and are seeded in the bracket. After that, the bracket is played out as a tournament with a single elimination, and the victor of the championship game is crowned the national champion. 

The FCS division’s most recent champion is North Dakota State, which won the last championship. Ever since 2011, they have won the title a total of nine times, making it their most successful year ever.

The CFB Playoffs are the means by which the FBS determines who will be the national champion. Throughout the course of the season, the CFB Playoff Selection Committee will rank the teams, and the top four seeds will be invited to participate in the CFB Playoffs and advance to the championship game. 

From that point on, the seed ranked first performs the role of the seed ranked fourth, while the seed ranked second plays the role of the seed ranked third. The victorious teams from each game compete against one another at a neutral venue, and the victorious team is crowned the national champion. 

The most recent winner of the FBS division is Georgia, which earned the title. Since the beginning of the Playoffs in 2014, Alabama has won the most titles and won the most games overall.

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FCS Conferences

As of the 2023 football season, there are 13 Division I FCS football conferences:

  1. Big Sky Conference
  2. Big South–OVC Football Association
  3. CAA Football 
  4. Ivy League
  5. Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference
  6. Missouri Valley Football Conference
  7. Northeast Conference
  8. Patriot League
  9. Pioneer Football League
  10. Southern Conference
  11. Southland Conference
  12. Southwestern Athletic Conference
  13. United Athletic Conference

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What is FCS Football rankings?

The 2023 FCS Football rankings are:

1 South Dakota State 11-0 600 1
2 Montana 10-1 570 3
3 South Dakota 9-2 552 5
4 Idaho 8-3 479 8
5 Florida A&M 10-1 454 7
6 Furman 9-2 447 2
7 North Dakota State 8-3 443 9
8 Montana State 8-3 413 4
9 Villanova 9-2 399 15
10 Austin Peay 9-2 382 12
11 UIW 8-2 317 11
12 Delaware 8-3 310 6
13 North Carolina Central 9-2 290 14
14 North Dakota 7-4 260 17
15 Albany 9-3 257 23
16 Sacramento State 7-4 209 10
17 Southern Illinois 7-4 204 T-20
18 Lafayette 9-2 186 22
19 Chattanooga 7-4 182 16
20 Mercer 8-3 169 24
21 UT Martin 8-3 162 13
22 Holy Cross 7-4 75 25
23 Youngstown State 7-4 68 NR
24 Eastern Illinois 8-3 59 NR
25 Richmond 8-3 57 NR

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What is FCS Football teams?

This is a list of colleges that compete in football as a varsity sport in the United States and are members of the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), which was formerly known as Division I-AA from 1978 to 2005. These institutions are all in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). 

At the beginning of the 2023 season, there are 128 FCS Football programs. As of the 2023 season, the connections with conferences are still in effect. This subdivision’s teams compete against one another in a playoff that features twenty-four teams for the NCAA Division I Football Championship. Except for the Ivy Conference and the Pioneer Football League, every conference acknowledges the availability of scholarships.

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What is FCS Football score?

You can check out the FCS Football score on ESPN.

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