MS Dhoni Bike Collection: A Glimpse into His Extravagant Passion

Former Indian cricketer, MS Dhoni, is famous for his exceptional cricketing skills. Still, his passion extends beyond the boundaries of the cricket field. At his Ranchi farmhouse, Dhoni has curated an impressive collection of bikes that captivates the imagination of all who witness it. Recently, former cricketer Venkatesh Prasad had the privilege of visiting the MS Dhoni Bike Collection, and he couldn’t resist sharing a glimpse of this extraordinary collection with the world through social media.

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MS Dhoni Bike Collection

While it was widely known that Dhoni owned several bikes, Prasad’s video revealed that the true extent of his collection might surpass a staggering 100 motorcycles. Clearly astounded by what he witnessed, Prasad took to Twitter to express his admiration: “One of the craziest passions I have seen in a person. What a collection and what a man MSD is. A great achiever and an even more incredible person. This is a glimpse of his collection of bikes and cars in his Ranchi house. Just blown away by the man and his passion.”

Prasad wasn’t the only former cricketer left speechless by Dhoni’s bike collection. Sunil Joshi, another former Indian cricketer, shared his amazement: “Not the first time in Ranchi, but the first time with the legend. You can’t explain this whole setup.” MS Dhoni Bike Collection left them both awe-struck, acknowledging that it surpassed anything they had ever seen.

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The Madness Behind the MS Dhoni Bike Collection

Prasad was quick to acknowledge the sheer magnitude of the MS Dhoni Bike Collection, noting that only a person with immense passion and dedication could amass such a remarkable collection. Sakshi, Dhoni’s wife, responded, “I would say mad.” It takes a certain level of devotion and enthusiasm to acquire such an extraordinary array of bikes, turning Dhoni’s Ranchi house into a virtual bike showroom.

Sakshi’s Curiosity: “Why Mahi why? What was the need of this?”

As the video unfolded, Sakshi couldn’t help but question Dhoni’s relentless pursuit of bikes, asking him, “Why Mahi why? What was the need for this?” Dhoni playfully responded, explaining that his bike collection was a personal effort, a way for him to have something that was exclusively his. Sakshi had taken everything else, leaving him with an insatiable desire to acquire these magnificent machines.

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What is the Mystery of Dhoni’s Bike Manufacturers

While the number of bikes and manufacturers in Dhoni’s collection remains a mystery, it has been reported that he possesses coveted models from renowned brands such as Rajdoot, Kawasaki Ninja, Harley Davidson, and even the recent addition of the TVS Ronin cruiser. Each bike represents a testament to Dhoni’s passion for motorcycling, reflecting his unique taste and style.

Dhoni’s wife Sakshi has often referred to these bikes as her husband’s “favorite toys.” The collection is a testament to Dhoni’s unwavering love for motorcycles, showcasing his dedication and zeal for this exhilarating hobby.

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