Which one is the oldest football club in India?

Many Indians might be thinking which is the oldest football club in India? Well, if you are also one of them then this article is a must for you. You will learn about the oldest football club in India along with the history of football in India.

Football has a lengthy and detailed history in India. At one point, it was the country’s national sport, and it was introduced by British soldiers in the mid-1800s. Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari played a significant role in spreading the game throughout India. In 1888, the Durand Cup was established for British troops in India, making it the world’s third oldest football competition. The IFA Shield, founded in 1893, is the fourth oldest trophy in the world.  (If you are interested in betting, then you should learn more about Orbit Exchange or Betting Exchange.)

Calcutta became the center of Indian football and was home to many of the country’s oldest football clubs, including Sarada FC. Mohun Bagan A.C., established in 1889, was India’s first club to be under army rule and was notable for including players from different religions. Several other football clubs and tournaments were founded in India during this time. Although the first Indian football federation, the Indian Football Association, was founded in 1893, it had no Indian board members.

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History of Indian football

Several clubs were started, there were more Cup tournaments, and there were more Indian players. In 1911, the oldest football club in India, Mohun Bagan AC beat East Yorkshire Regiment 2-1 in the final of the IFA Shield. This was a big step forward for Indian football. This was the first time an Indian team won a big national event. The Durand Cup was the first football competition in India. It was held in Shimla for the first time in 1888. It is also the third oldest football tournament in the world that is still going. Sir Mortimer Durand came up with the idea.

In Kerala in the 1940s, the “Aurora Football Club” was formed. It was the second-newest club in southern India at the time. It was made up of football fans from Ollur (Thrissur), and its journey in football began there.

Indian team tours

The legendary Indian footballer Gostha Paul led the first Indian team to go on an official foreign tour in 1924. The team was made up of both Indian and British players. In the late 1930s, football teams made up of only Indian players started going on tours to Australia, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand. India hasn’t been able to confirm when it played its first international game before it got its freedom. 

However, the first international game that India played outside of its home country was against Ceylon in 1933. It was India’s second international tour, and Gostha Paul led his team to a 1–0 win over the host country. On July 4, 1936, a Chinese team came to Calcutta to play against India. The game was held at Calcutta. The game ended in a tie, 1–1.  The All India Football Federation (AIFF) was made in 1937, after several Indian football teams did well abroad.

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India went to Australia on an official tour in 1938, where they played games against many clubs and the Australian national team. On September 3, 1938, India and Australia played five friendly games in Sydney. At the game in Sydney, they lost 5–3. The third game was in Brisbane, where the Indians fought back and ended up in a 4–4 tie. On September 17, India won their first game by a score of 4–1 at Newcastle in the third match. But in the next two games, which took place in Sydney and Melbourne and had scores of 5–4 and 3–1, Australia beat India.

Indian Football Team in Olympics

On their way to the 1948 London Olympics, the Chinese team stopped in India again. They played Mohammedan fc, East Bengal, and oldest football club in India, Mohun Bagan, and on July 17, 1948, the Indian national team beat them 0-1 in a friendly match at Kolkata. India’s first big international event was the 1948 London Olympics. A mostly barefoot Indian team lost 2–1 to France after missing two penalties. 

The crowd welcomed and praised the Indian team for the way they played. The British media said, “The French had been given a run for their money, and by barefoot Indians!” Soon after, at a news conference, the Indians were asked why they played without shoes. The always-witty Indian captain at the time, Talimeren Ao, said, “Well, you see, in India, we play football and you play BOOTBALL!” The British cheered him on. 

The next day, that remark was all over the London press. Sarangapani Raman scored India’s only goal in that game. It was the first international goal ever scored by an Indian team at the Olympics.

Which one is the oldest football club in India?

The oldest football club in India is Mohun Bagan. Mohun Bagan is a football club in Kolkata, which is located in the state of West Bengal in India. It was established on August 15, 1889, by Bhupendra Nath Bose and a number of other notable individuals from the city of Kolkata, making it the oldest football club in India.

The club has a long and illustrious history, and it was an innovator in the game of football in India. Mohun Bagan boasts an impressive collection of local and international championships to their name, including the IFA Shield, the Durand Cup, the Federation Cup, the National Football League (which is now known as the Indian Super League), and the famous AFC Cup.

Mohun Bagan’s victory over East Yorkshire Regiment in the final of the IFA Shield competition in 1911 is widely regarded as one of the club’s defining moments. East Yorkshire Regiment was the team that Mohun Bagan had to overcome to become the first Indian club to lift the trophy. This triumph is largely recognized as a turning moment in Indian football and is widely credited for sparking a spike in interest in the game across the country.

The strong competition between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, another club situated in Kolkata, is referred to as the “Kolkata Derby,” and it is consistently regarded as one of the most important and eagerly anticipated matches in all of Indian football.

The oldest football club in India, Mohun Bagan, has been responsible for the development of a significant number of excellent footballers who have gone on to play for the Indian national team during the course of its history. The club has also been instrumental in the development of football infrastructure in India. One example of this is the construction of the club’s very own stadium, the Salt Lake Stadium, which is currently ranked as one of the largest football stadiums in the world.

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A business located in the United Arab Emirates known as Shree Cement now owns Mohun Bagan, and the club competes in the Indian Super League as ATK Mohun Bagan. However, supporters from all around the country continue to honor the club for its illustrious history and significant contributions to Indian football.

New Name for Mohun Bagan

The owner of ATK Mohun Bagan, Sanjiv Goenka, made the announcement that beginning with the upcoming season, the Mariners will be known as the Mohun Bagan Super Giants. This new turn of events follows the Bengal club’s victory on penalties over Bengaluru FC on Saturday, when they claimed the title of Indian Super League champions.

Since the merger of oldest football club in India, Mohun Bagan, and ATK in January 2020, which resulted in the RPSG Group being the main shareholders in the new club along with Mohun Bagan Football Club (India) Private Limited to form ATK Mohun Bagan FC, there have been a few causes of contention between the fans and the management of the club. The new club has become known as ATK Mohun Bagan FC.

In the year 2021, supporters of the club expressed their ire by claiming that the club’s history and reputation were being harmed more often than not. The ATKMB supporters had taken to the streets, shouted slogans in front of the Mohun Bagan Athletic Club tent, and then marched with posters in front of the CESC House in Dharmatala, Kolkata, in order to voice their demand for the removal of the prefix ATK.

ATK Mohun Bagan were able to keep their cool and win their first title by claiming a penalty shootout victory over Bengaluru FC with a score of 4-3.

Dimitri Petratos of ATKMB scored all three of the penalties he took in a game that finished 2-2 in ordinary time. This was followed by Vishal Kaith making a save off Bruno Ramires’ attempt in the shootout, which brought them one step closer to winning. After being awarded a penalty kick by the referee, Pablo Perez of Bengaluru FC missed the target, and the Mariners were able to secure the win in a match in which they had unsettled Bengaluru FC from the very beginning.

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What is the oldest football club in India?

The oldest football club in India is Mohun Bagan Athletic Club, which was founded on August 15, 1889.

Where is Mohun Bagan Athletic Club located?

Mohun Bagan Athletic Club is located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

What is the significance of Mohun Bagan Athletic Club?

Mohun Bagan Athletic Club is considered one of the most iconic and historic football clubs in India. The club has a rich history and has played a significant role in the development of Indian football.

When did Mohun Bagan Athletic Club win their first major trophy?

Mohun Bagan Athletic Club won their first major trophy, the IFA Shield, in 1911. This victory is considered a watershed moment in Indian football history, as it was the first time an Indian team had defeated a British team to win a major trophy.

Who are some famous players who have played for Mohun Bagan Athletic Club?

Mohun Bagan Athletic Club has had many famous players over the years, including Sailen Manna, Chuni Goswami, and Bhaichung Bhutia, among others.

Does Mohun Bagan Athletic Club still exist today?

Yes, Mohun Bagan Athletic Club still exists today and is a prominent football club in India. In fact, in 2020, the club merged with ATK to form ATK Mohun Bagan FC, which currently competes in the Indian Super League. Soon the oldest football club in India is going to be known as Mohun Bagan Super Giants.

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