Paraguay vs Colombia World Cup Qualifier Match Preview and Prediction

Want to know who is going to win the Paraguay vs Colombia match? Check out our preview and prediction on the match.

Paraguay vs Colombia Preview: Paraguay and Colombia are going to play in a World Cup qualifier match soon. Both teams are very motivated to win. Colombia is confident after a great start to the season, but Paraguay is ready to use home field advantage to their benefit.

Paraguay vs Colombia Team News Analysis

Paraguay’s Squad Dynamics

Paraguay is missing a key player in Miguel Almiron for the match, which could make them less effective at striking. The fact that Roberto Rojas is suspended makes things harder, so boss Garnero has had to make some strategic changes to the team. Hector Villalba, Braian Ojeda, Santiago Arzamendia, and Alberto Espinola were not on the team because they had bad October results. This shows that the team values form over familiarity.

Oscar Cardozo’s return, on the other hand, gives the team knowledge and the ability to score goals. Cardozo’s comeback at age 40, helped by his great play for Libertad in his home country, adds an interesting story to Paraguay’s team.

Colombia’s Defensive Dilemma

Without full-backs Santiago Arias and Frank Fabra, along with the loss of Stefan Medina, Colombia’s defense is weaker. Juan Cuadrado’s unpredictable presence and the fact that Diego Valoyes and Mateo Cassierra aren’t playing in attack makes things hard for boss Nestor Lorenzo.

Another option is Krasnodar striker Jhon Cordoba, who made his debut against Brazil, but Rafael Santos Borre is still a strong favorite to start up front. Colombia’s strategy is less predictable because they are changing how they play defense and center.

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Paraguay vs Colombia Possible Starting Lineups


  • Goalkeeper: Carlos
  • Defenders: Balbuena, G Gomez, Alderete, Espinoza
  • Midfielders: Villasanti, Cubas, M Rojas
  • Forwards: Sanabria, Cardozo, D Gomez


  • Goalkeeper: Vargas
  • Defenders: Munoz, Sanchez, Lucumi, Machado
  • Midfielders: Castano, Carrascal, Uribe, James, Diaz
  • Forward: Borre

Tactical Outlook

Both teams exhibit a propensity for defensive resilience, as evidenced by Colombia’s unbeaten run and Paraguay’s hard-fought draw against Chile with 10 men. The matchup is poised to be a closely contested affair, with Paraguay leveraging home advantage to potentially secure a draw against their higher-ranked opponents.

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Paraguay vs Colombia Prediction

Three draws in five games during Colombia’s unbeaten streak show that they like to play close games, especially when they’re not at home. The fact that Paraguay was able to get a draw in Chile against all chances shows how strong they are. The odds of this prediction coming true are in line with the possibility of another tough fight. So, we predict that it will be a draw for Paraguay vs Colombia.


As the World Cup qualifying campaign goes on, the match between Paraguay and Colombia will be full of tactical nuance and strategy shifts. Key players on both teams aren’t there, which makes it a fight of how strong and flexible you can be. Fans can expect a close game, as both teams are trying to get important points on their way to the World Cup.

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