Why did MS Dhoni compare Deepak Chahar to a Drug?

In Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket, one name stands out: Deepak Chahar. His exceptional bowling skills, coupled with the guidance of the legendary MS Dhoni, have catapulted him to success. In this article, we get into Chahar’s journey, his impactful performances for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), and the valuable insights he has gained under the mentorship of Dhoni.

Chahar’s Remarkable IPL Journey

Deepak Chahar’s journey in the IPL has been nothing short of extraordinary. Representing the Chennai Super Kings, he played a pivotal role in the team’s title-winning campaign. Chahar’s ability to swing the ball both ways, extract movement off the pitch, and deliver accurate yorkers has made him a potent force to reckon with in the tournament.

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Dhoni’s Influence on Chahar

MS Dhoni, the iconic former captain of the Indian cricket team and the CSK, has played a vital role in shaping Chahar’s career. Dhoni’s astute captaincy and keen understanding of the game gave Chahar the guidance and support he needed to thrive. Under Dhoni’s tutelage, Chahar has honed his skills, developed greater tactical awareness, and become a key asset for the CSK.

Chahar’s Comeback from Injury

During the 15th IPL season, Deepak Chahar faced a setback due to an injury, which forced him to miss several games. However, his determination and relentless spirit shone through as he worked diligently to recover and make a triumphant comeback. His return to the squad injected renewed energy and provided much-needed breakthroughs for his franchise.

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The Impact of Chahar’s Wickets

One must uphold the significance of Chahar’s wickets in determining the outcome of matches. His ability to dismiss key opposition players at crucial junctures has been instrumental in securing victories for the CSK. Chahar’s knack for swinging the new ball and picking up early breakthroughs has often put the opposition on the back foot, allowing his team to dictate the game’s flow.

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Dhoni’s Comparison: Deepak Chahar as a Drug

In a testament to Chahar’s immense talent and impact on the team, MS Dhoni has likened him to a drug. Dhoni humorously remarked that when Chahar is absent, his absence is felt; when he is present, one wonders why he is there. This statement highlights Chahar’s significance and underlines that he is a unique talent who leaves a lasting impression on the game.

Here’s what Dhoni said, “Deepak Chahar is like a drug. If he is not there, you would think, where is he and if he is around, you would think, why he is here. The good part is that he is maturing, but he takes time & that is the problem. He will not mature in my lifetime.”

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