Unbelievable Drama Unfolds in WTC Final: India and Australia Slapped with Fines

Jaw-dropping drama rocks WTC Final as India and Australia face shocking fines! You won’t believe what happened.

In the recent World Test Championship final between India and Australia, several noteworthy incidents took place, leading to fines imposed on both teams. The match saw India’s Shubman Gill receiving a 15 percent match fee fine for his criticism of the TV umpire’s decision, while the Indian team was fined their entire match fee for maintaining a slow over-rate. On the other hand, Australia faced an 80 percent deduction of their fees for the same reason. Let’s take a look at why India and Australia were slapped with jaw-dropping fines. (If you are interested in betting, then you should learn more about Orbit Exchange or Betting Exchange.)

Shubman Gill’s Controversial Catch and Social Media Reaction

During India’s pursuit of a huge target of 444 runs, Shubman Gill found himself embroiled in a contentious catch incident. While batting on 18, Gill edged a delivery from Scott Boland, which was caught by Cameron Green at gully, with the catch being extremely close to the ground. Gill, initially hesitant to walk off, caught the attention of the on-field umpires. They referred the decision to the third umpire as per the new protocol. After reviewing the replays from various angles, third umpire Richard Kettleborough ruled the catch to be out.

In response to the decision, Gill took to social media, posting a zoomed front-on photo of the catch with magnifying glass and facepalm emojis as his caption. He further expressed his emotions through a story on Instagram, accompanied by clapping hands emojis. The International Cricket Council (ICC) charged Gill with breaching Article 2.7, which pertains to “public criticism or inappropriate comment in relation to an incident occurring in an international match.” Gill accepted the sanction, avoiding the need for a formal hearing.

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Slow Over-Rate Penalties: India and Australia’s Offenses

Apart from Gill’s controversy, both India and Australia faced penalties for maintaining a slow over-rate during the match. India was found to be five overs short of the target, while Australia fell four overs behind, considering the time allowances. Slow over-rates have been a recurring issue in cricket, with teams often facing fines and sanctions for failing to maintain the required over-rate.

India’s Disappointment with the Catch Decision Process

After the match, India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, expressed his disappointment with the decision-making process that led to Gill’s dismissal. Sharma highlighted the need for the third umpire to review the replays more extensively and gain a clearer understanding of how the catch was taken. He emphasized the significance of having precise and unambiguous information, not just limited to the catch but applicable to any crucial decision in the game.

Analysis of the WTC Final and its Implications

The World Test Championship final between India and Australia witnessed a thrilling battle on the field, accompanied by various controversies and disciplinary actions. Despite India’s valiant efforts, they succumbed to a 209-run defeat, marking their second successive loss in the WTC final.

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The match showcased the intense competition and skill displayed by both teams, contributing to the rich history of Test cricket. The fines imposed on individuals and teams reflect the ICC’s commitment to maintaining fair play and upholding the integrity of the game.

It is imperative for players, officials, and fans alike to appreciate the challenges faced by umpires and the complexities involved in decision-making. While the Gill incident sparked controversy, it underscores the necessity of embracing technology and adhering to the regulations and protocols put in place to ensure fair outcomes.


The World Test Championship final between India and Australia witnessed significant moments of drama, both on and off the field. Shubman Gill’s controversial catch and subsequent social media reaction, along with the fines imposed on both teams for slow over-rates, added intrigue to an already intense match.

The game of cricket, with its complicated rules and details, often presents situations where decisions become a subject of debate. While the ICC strives to maintain the sanctity of the sport, it is vital for players and teams to acknowledge the role they play in upholding fair play and the spirit of the game.

As the cricketing fraternity reflects on the WTC final, it serves as a reminder of the captivating nature of Test cricket and the need for continuous improvement and adherence to the rules. Through mutual respect, sportsmanship, and a commitment to excellence, cricket can continue to captivate fans around the world.

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