ICC World Cup 2023: Watch this epic promo featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Shubman Gill, Dinesh Karthik

Shah Rukh Khan stars in epic ICC World Cup 2023 promo alongside Shubman Gill and Dinesh Karthik. The promo has gone viral, with fans praising Khan’s performance and the production values. Watch the promo now and get pumped for the upcoming tournament!

The excitement is building, and cricket enthusiasts from all corners of the globe are eagerly counting down the days to the 2023 Men’s Cricket World Cup. This marquee event, returning to India’s shores after 12 years, promises to be a spectacle of sporting excellence and emotion. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has pulled out all the stops to promote this grand tournament, and one of the highlights that has captivated the world is the breathtaking promo video featuring none other than Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan.

Embodying the Essence: Shah Rukh Khan’s Role in the World Cup Promo

Shah Rukh Khan, known as the “King of Bollywood,” is not only an acclaimed actor but also a cricket aficionado with an emotional connection to the sport through his part-ownership of the Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League. The ICC made a brilliant choice by selecting Khan as the face of their World Cup advertising, as he perfectly encapsulates the fervor and emotions associated with cricket in India.

In the two-minute promo, narrated in Khan’s charismatic voice, he takes viewers on an unforgettable journey, emphasizing the essence of the World Cup’s motto: “All it takes is one day.” Through his powerful words, he highlights the significance of this single day that can shape cricketing history and create lifelong memories.

Reliving Iconic Moments: A Journey through World Cup History

The promo video artfully blends the past and the present, capturing the essence of cricketing passion. It features glimpses of fans from all over the world, cheering for their respective teams and waving their national flags with pride. The footage encompasses unforgettable moments from the previous tournaments involving all ten participating teams, evoking nostalgia and rekindling the excitement for the upcoming event.

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Notably, the video showcases guest appearances from cricketing legends like Eoin Morgan, Dinesh Karthik, Jonty Rhodes, Muttiah Muralitharan, and young sensation Shubman Gill. It also features Jemimah Rodrigues, the talented Indian women’s cricketer, dancing with fervent Indian supporters, emphasizing the unity and celebration the World Cup brings.

Shah Rukh Khan eloquently emphasizes the transformation that takes place during the World Cup. On the pitch, rivalries are intensified, and respect is redefined in the stands. The heart of a billion cricket fans beats as one, and the power of belief emerges from the collective spirit. The video celebrates the passion and enthusiasm that surpasses borders, languages, and cultures, making the World Cup a truly global spectacle.

The narration further delves into the emotions experienced on this momentous day. Joy and anguish, triumph and defeat, all come together, enriching the experience of the tournament. The video envisions the cricketing fraternity singing songs of victory, dancing in jubilation, and marveling at the wonders of the game. The visuals evoke a sense of wonder and awe, capturing the essence of cricket as more than just a sport, but an emotion that unites the world.

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A Grand Finale

As India prepares to host the 2023 World Cup, excitement reaches a crescendo. The country’s cricket-crazy fans eagerly await the grand finale, reminiscing the victorious 2011 World Cup campaign. The tournament will kick off with a clash between England and New Zealand, the finalists from the previous edition, at the iconic Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.


In conclusion, the ICC’s 2023 World Cup promo narrated by Shah Rukh Khan has left an indelible mark on cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The captivating video captures the very essence of cricket – its passion, camaraderie, and ability to unite people from diverse backgrounds. As the countdown to the tournament continues, the world is eagerly anticipating this cricketing extravaganza that promises to be more than just a sporting event—it’s a celebration of humanity’s shared love for the game.

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