Marseille vs Panathinaikos Preview, Odds, Predictions, and More

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Just seven days ago, Marseille and Panathinaikos played in a heated game in Athens. The game went to the home team, who won. Now, before they meet again at Velodrome, Panathinaikos has a slight advantage. But the French team won’t be alone in this fight. Their passionate fans, who are known as some of the best in Europe, will give them constant support, making the south of France a very exciting place to be. Even though Marseille is the favorite, it is important to remember the lead they had before the game in Greece and how it turned out.

Marseille vs Panathinaikos Preview


How Marseille Did and What Its Problems Were

The latest game in Greece did not show Marseille in a good way. In many parts of the game, Panathinaikos was better than them. The new boss, Marcelino, hasn’t been able to get the team to work well together since he got to France. This was clear in their last game against Reims, where they came back from being down to win 2-1. Even though the score was 1-1 between Marseille and Reims because of an overturned goal, the result could have gone either way.

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Since Marcelino is less focused on offense than his boss, Marseille has lost some of its scoring edge. There were bigger hopes for players like Aubameyang and Sarr, but neither has really lived up to those hopes yet.

The Unexpected Greatness of Panathinaikos

Many people were surprised by how well Panathinaikos did at home, where they beat predictions. Even though PAO had a good reputation, the speed with which they clicked was amazing. Unlike Marseille, Panathinaikos hadn’t played any games in their own league, but they had taken part in the qualifiers for the UEFA Champions League. Their win against Dnipro, which included a 1-3 win on the road and a 2-2 draw at home, showed that they were patient and could keep control of the ball even when opponents were putting pressure on them. The defensive plan that head coach Ivan Jovanovic came up with has worked well for the team. Geoffrey Kondogbia’s absence from the next match because he got a red card in the last game is a big loss. On the other hand, it looks like there are no major withdrawals from the Greek team.

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Marseille vs Panathinaikos Head to Head

In the first game, PAO won by a score of 1-0. Bernard scored the game-winning goal in the 83rd minute. This huge lead gave the Greeks an edge going into the second game. Marseille worked mostly on defense and didn’t try very hard to score goals. Panathinaikos had control of the ball more than twice as much as the French team.

Marseille vs Panathinaikos Prediction

As the teams get ready for their Velodrome match, Panathinaikos is likely to take a defensive approach, possibly with a five-man defense and a strong shape in front of the box. On the other hand, Marseille’s offense has been weak since the start of training. So, it is likely that there will be less than 2.5 goals. Bookies give chances of -110 for this to happen, which seems like a good bet given how hard the game is expected to be. The Greek visitors want to slow the game down and use time well, so Jovanovic’s positional skills could be very important.

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